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California partition actions provide a legal mechanism for co-owners of real property to divide the property among themselves. The partition statutes allow a co-owner to file a lawsuit in court to have the property divided, either physically or by sale. The court will then order the division of the property in a way that is fair and equitable to all parties. The partition statutes also provide that any proceeds from the sale of the property must be divided among the co-owners in proportion to their respective interests in the property. The valuable real estate in West Covina often creates disagreements between co-owners that can only be solved by a Los Angeles partition attorney skilled in the judicial procedures in Los Angeles County.

  • What is the timeline for a California partition action? Most partition actions are resolved in 3 to 6 months by way of settlement. Other cases can take 6 to 12 months to obtain an interlocutory judgment of partition, which generally appoints a referee to sell the property.
  • Will there be a trial in a California partition action? Trials are extremely rare in partition actions because the interlocutory judgment procedure allows for a partition referee to be appointed by meeting just a few elements that rarely involve live testimony from witnesses. Even if a trial occurred, it would almost certainly relate only to the ownership interests or the distribution of proceeds, though most cases are decided on motion heard by the court based on the papers submitted by the parties.
  • What are the potential outcomes of a partition action? The most likely outcome in a partition action is that the plaintiff receives fair value for their interest in the property either through a sale to a third party or to the defendant. In rare cases, a property can be divided, through this is not applicable to single family residences with no surplus land.
  • What type of relief can be granted by the court in a partition action? A partition action generally involves the sale or division of the property, along with an accounting of offsets.
  • Can a minority owner force the sale of a property? There is no requirement for a majority vote for partition. Rather, an co-owner of any interest in property can force the sale.

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Partition Actions in West Covina

Partition actions are common in the City of West Covina.

West Covina was founded in 1923 by the American Homebuilders Corporation, which was owned by the Covina Land and Water Company. The city was named after the nearby city of Covina, which was founded in 1882. The city was incorporated in 1961 and has since grown to become a major suburb of Los Angeles. West Covina is home to a variety of businesses, including retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The city is also home to the Eastland Shopping Center, which is one of the largest shopping centers in the San Gabriel Valley. West Covina is also home to the West Covina Unified School District, which serves over 30,000 students.

West Covina includes the zip codes of 91790, 91791, 91792, 91793.

Partition Actions Under California Law

Goodale v. Fifteenth Dist. Court

In the legal case of Goodale v. Fifteenth Dist. Court, 6 P.C.L.J. 391 (1880), the issue was whether a partition of real estate could be made without the consent of all the parties involved. The plaintiff, Goodale, owned a piece of real estate with two other parties, and he wanted to partition the land without the consent of the other two parties. The court held that a partition of real estate could not be made without the consent of all the parties involved. The court reasoned that a partition of real estate was a contract between the parties, and that all parties must agree to the terms of the contract in order for it to be valid. The court also noted that a partition of real estate was a matter of public policy, and that it was necessary to protect the rights of all parties involved.

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